The Rising of the Shield Hero: Episode 1

Naofumi was summoned to another world after finding a book about “Four Heroes”. He along three other boys were equipped with four Legendary Weapons: Sword, Bow, Spear and Shield. Their task is to become stronger by gaining XP to save the world from the impending wave of calamity. They must do the quest separately as each weapon hinders each others XP growth. When parties were assigned, nobody wants to join Naofumi for his weak and inexperience qualities. Myne, a member of the Spear Hero’s party, offers to join and train him on his quest instead. Little did he know, Myne was only going to rob and frame him for rape. Nobody believed his defence so he’s forced to live as an outcast. While on his own, he met a slave trader and was introduce to a slave market where he first saw Raphtalia.

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