The Rising Of The Shield Hero Episode 6

At the dress shop, Naofumi asks the dressmaker to make Filo custom clothes that don’t tear every time she transforms. The owner explains she needs a Magic Thread in order to make such request. At the Magic Shop, the owner told them she can’t make the thread because the gemstone required to make it is broken. Naofumi then goes on a quest in search for a new gemstone. Along the way, they helped a man give medicine back to his sick mother and escorted a wealthy trader from bandit attacks. The impressed trader introduces Naofumi to other influential traders allowing them to easily locate the gemstone they’re looking for. Inside a temple, Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo, and the Magic Shop Owner fought against demon bats and a legendary Japanese yōkai, Nue, claiming the needed gemstone to make the dress. Finally, the Dressmaker gives Filo a new dress that doesn’t tear whenever she transforms.


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