3 Reasons Why Boogiepop Is Confusing

Character Introductions

It’s hard to keep track with new characters when they keep changing clothes the next time you see them. Unless each character has distinct looks, for example, Echoes, it’s really hard to recognise them. Plus, throwing out names to introduce new characters only adds more confusion.

Character Development

We don’t really care enough for the characters. The show only jumps around from plot to plot without giving us a reason to care for them. This is a typical anime adaptation flaw where studios wanted to compress the entire story with their limited episodes and failing to build the characters as a result.

Non-linear story structure

It doesn’t really make sense to tell us that Boogiepop is leaving because she defeated the enemy on the first episode. This only spoils the suspense you’re building up for the succeeding episodes. Case and point, Nagi Kirima on the last scene of the first episode only ruins the surprise on the third episode.

The Promised Neverland Episode 2

The morning after the incident they try to act normal so Isabella, their mother won’t be suspicious about them. Emma and Norman realise that the children shipped out were based on their age and intellect. The smarter and bigger your brains are, the higher the quality of meat you become. They started devising an escape plan with the help of Ray. Based on the pattern, they have two months before the next shipment and climbing the wall using a rope made of tablecloth was their best option. But then, they realise that Isabella has a way to find the kids. This was evident when Nayla went missing and she was easily found. They suspected she has a tracker and the children have embedded device inside their bodies. To make matters worse, a new infant named Carol and a new adult helper named Krone was introduced in the orphanage.

The Rising of the Shield Hero: Episode 2

Naofumi bought the half racoon from the slave trader. He’s told that demi-human has issues of panic attacks and illness. But because he lacks the money and needed a weapon, he decided to take the cheap slave. Naofumi’s hatred for women shows as he acts condescendingly toward Raphtalia. Nevertheless, he provided her with a weapon and tested her skills out in the fields. Although Raphtalia is not really a swordsman, she still helps Naofumi gain XP a lot quicker.

After learning about Raphtalia’s past, Naofumi’s disdain dissipated over time. He treated her when she’s sick and comforted her in panic attacks.

One day, they entered a mining cave to collect some ores materials. Suddenly, a high-level monster jumps out from nowhere. Despite her fear, she mustered up her courage and helped Naofumi slay the beast.

The Rising of the Shield Hero: Episode 1

Naofumi was summoned to another world after finding a book about “Four Heroes”. He along three other boys were equipped with four Legendary Weapons: Sword, Bow, Spear and Shield. Their task is to become stronger by gaining XP to save the world from the impending wave of calamity. They must do the quest separately as each weapon hinders each others XP growth. When parties were assigned, nobody wants to join Naofumi for his weak and inexperience qualities. Myne, a member of the Spear Hero’s party, offers to join and train him on his quest instead. Little did he know, Myne was only going to rob and frame him for rape. Nobody believed his defence so he’s forced to live as an outcast. While on his own, he met a slave trader and was introduce to a slave market where he first saw Raphtalia.

One Piece Ending Soon? Pokemon Studio Criticised and more… [Anime News Episode 2]

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda is hinting that the twenty years long-running series is coming to an end soon. Whether it’s really happening or not, we can be assured the manga will reach the 100th volume before the series ends.

Pokemon Studio, Creatures Inc, was criticised for posting on Twitter their recent visits on a controversial shrine. The visit gave the impression that the company were war criminal admirers. Because of this, few Chinese fans were angry and calling out for a boycott.

Amazon Prime subscribers were unhappy for not including a subtitle on the premiere release of Dororo Episode 1. This is not the first time the streaming service did an oopsie as not long ago a bootleg copy of a top-grossing Japanese film of 2018 was illegally uploaded on their website.

Most Anticipate Returning Anime of 2019

5: Mob Psycho 100 Season 2

The shy but powerful esper, Mob just got a girlfriend last January 7.

4: Kakegurui Season 2

The beautiful but compulsive gambler is back this week, January 9.

3: Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2

After last year’s disappointing delay, the final operation to retake Wall Maria is commencing soon in April.

2: My Hero Academia Season 4

Probably the most consistent season releases on the list, My Hero Academia Season 4 is coming back this October.

1: One Punch Man Season 2

Four years after its initial launch, One Punch Man finally returns for Season 2 with a new animation studio. Expect the caped baldy to debut sometime in April.

The Promised Neverland Episode 1

Emma and Norman always wonder what the outside world looks like. The children were told not to go near the gate as it’s dangerous outside the fences. Ray never really believed it but they still followed the rules. Emma, Norman and Ray are the top three siblings on the orphanage for their wits and amazing learning abilities.

All orphans are eventually adopted by a foster family. In this episode, Conny is scheduled to leave the orphanage. After saying their goodbyes, Emma noticed that Conny forgot to bring her Little Bunny. She along with Norman decided to run towards the gate in hopes to give the doll back to Conny.

When they reached the gate they were shocked to discover that Conny was killed and the orphanage is a food farm for monsters.

Funny Moments #2: Golden Boy

Golden Boy is a seinen manga that borderline’s hentai territory in my opinion especially on the latter part of the series. The humour of this show leans more on dirty jokes and consists of partial nudity, female masturbation and orgasms which won’t appeal to everyone. To be fair, there’s a lesson in every episode which makes the show great and doesn’t fall into the pornographic category. If you’re into grin jokes this is just the thing for you. Here’s another funny moments episode from Golden Boy.

Throwback Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka

The 22-year-old ex-gangster turned teacher, Eikichi Onizuka, hated the traditional education system. On his first job, he notices how bad mannered and condescending his other colleagues were towards the students. Because of this, he swore to become the greatest teacher who teaches life lessons instead of the typical academic learnings. His unorthodox, sometimes life-threatening and borderline illegal methods somehow succeed in winning the hearts of his delinquent students and help them change for the better.

In 1998, Great Teacher Onizuka won the Kodansha Manga Award for the shonen category. Several adaptations were made including a Japanese TV drama, live-action films and a 43 episode anime series.

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