5 Facts about Kakegurui

  1. Hyakkaou Private Academy was founded 122 years ago were powerful families from the world of politics to finance attended.
  2. “Hyakkaou Academy” literally translates as “Hundred Peonies Academy”. Japanese peonies symbolises for good fortune, daring and bravery which fits perfectly the general agenda of the school.
  3. Out of all the characters introduced in the series, Only Ryota Suzui is sensible.
  4. There are few ways to translate Yumeko Jabami’s name. But the most likely translation of it is: “Dream Child” for Yumeko and “Snake Eater” for Jabami.
  5. There is a Japanese live-action adaptation of Kakegurui Season 1 on Netflix. It didn’t catch the same craziness of the anime but I still enjoyed it nevertheless.

Know The Studio: A-1 Pictures

Noticeable for having CG animations in their shows, A-1 Pictures is well-known for producing fantasy shounen anime. Their works include the likes of Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Established on 2005 by Aniplex, a company owned by SMEJ, A-1 Pictures initial role was to oversee the production of few Aniplex’s series. After a year, they’ve created a name for themselves and became a studio of their own. Now, the company has two buildings, the main one in Asagaya and another one in Koenji which later rebranded to CloverWorks: the studio of The Promised Neverland. A-1 Pictures is often criticised by fans for having poor animation quality and same‑face‑syndrome on their works.

Anime News: Episode 1

Mark your calendar as this is going to be an awesome week for anime fans. Today, Jan 07, have yourself a treat with the first episode of Psycho Mob 100 Season 2 and the debut episode of Dororo 2019. The compulsive gambler is back as Kakegurui Season 2 is returning on Wednesday, Jan 09. On Thursday, go binge for twelve episodes over Revisions and the final instalment of Godzilla animation on Netflix. And of course, the most anticipated anime debut of 2019: The Promised Neverland is finally airing on Friday, Jan 11. And if that’s not enough, you could always end your week with a headache from the 3rd episode of Boogiepop and Others which is also airing on Friday.

Top 5 Upcoming Anime Debut of 2019

5: Isekai Quartet
A chibi-style crossover between Overload, Re-Zero, KonoSuba, The Saga of Tanya the Evil and Starting Life in Another World.

4: Dororo
A young boy hunts demons to retrieve his body parts that were once sold by his father for war domination.

3: The Rising of the Shield Hero
Considered as the weakest hero, Naofumi has to prove he’s worthy of the legendary Shield.

2: Vinland Saga
Thorfinn hones his skills to avenge the death of his father from the band leader who captured and raised him.

1: The Promised Neverland
After discovering their orphanage was a food farm for demons, Emma and Norman have to find a way to escape with the rest of their siblings before its too late.

Anime Review: Persona 5 – Dark Sun

Persona 5: Dark Sun is a year-end episode special which runs around 51 minutes long. The episode focuses on the battle between Shido and the gang of Phantom Thieves. The 2nd episode before the finale, Persona 5: Dark Sun still suffers from the same weak plot structure and awful animation the series has always known for. The battle against Shido was pretty good, although I wish they made the fight scene lasted a bit longer. Well, I actually wished the entire series had given a longer run time because the game story was quite extensive and covering everything into 26 episodes only felt compressed and rushed. Overall, it’s a poorly executed game to anime adaptation, which also shows to this latest episode.

Know The Studio: Madhouse

Probably the most recognised studio in the industry, Madhouse has produced many well-known TV shows and films. Their highly decorated portfolio includes the likes of Death Note, One Punch Man Season 1, Hunter x Hunter and the recent fan favourite, A Place Further Than The Universe. Established in 1972, Madhouse earlier works focused on adult series such as Perfect Blue, Monster, and Black Lagoon. The studio often collaborates with respected manga artists such as Naoki Urasawa – creator of the psychological thriller Monster and CLAMP – a famous all-female manga artist formed in the mid-80s. They also collaborated with Disney for the animated series, Stitch! and worked on the opening movie of Persona 4 Golden for P.S. Vita.

5 Facts about Kimi no Na wa

  1. The red braided cord that Mitsuha used to tie her hair symbolises as the “Red String of Fate” which Japanese believed to be the bind that connects two destined people.
  2. The promo poster of teenage Taki and Mitsuha on the stairs never happen in the film instead they met there when they were adults.
  3. The names of the four women of the Miyamizu family: Hitoha, Futaba, Mitsuha, Yotsuha literally translates as one leaf, two leaf, three leaf and four leaf.
  4. The Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 was the main inspiration for the film’s meteor disaster.
  5. The initial idea for Kimi No Na Wa came up from an advertisement video Makoto Shinkai had previously worked on.

Throwback Anime: Yuyu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi is a teenage delinquent who’s got struck and killed by a car while saving a kid’s life. Because of the unexpected act of altruism, Koenma, son of the ruler of the afterlife, offered him a chance to regain his life through a series of tests. After completing the tests he returns to his body and was appointed to become a “Spirit Detective”. His task is to investigate various cases involving demons, apparition and protect the human world from its evil plans.

Yu Yu Hakusho consists of 112 episodes which originally aired from October 10, 1992, to January 7, 1995. The show had plenty of reruns over the decades for its overwhelming popularity. It was voted as the best anime of 94 and 95 by Animage Anime Grand Prix magazine.

Funny Moments #1: Golden Boy

Here’s part 1 of most hilarious moments of the Anime classic, Golden Boy. Kintaro Oe is hands down one of the funniest characters in Anime history. Doug Smith, the english voice actor immortalised this character with its over-the-top performance and ridiculous line deliveries. His stupid tones and sound effect fits perfectly with Kintaro’s silly personality. If you haven’t seen this show yet, I highly recommend you do. You won’t regret it. In fact, you’d thank me later for doing so.

Top 5 Anime of 2018

5: Cells at Work!

A unique anime where the main protagonists are red and white blood cell which takes place inside the human body.

4: A Place Further Than the Universe

Shirase is determined to prove to everyone she could join the expedition to Antarctica together with her new found friends.

3: Violet Evergarden

A young girl, formerly known as “the weapon”, tries to blend in back into society in search for life’s purpose after the war.

2: Devilman: Crybaby

To gain its powers, Akira Fudo has to merge with one of the demon invaders to save mankind from its impending destruction.

1: Banana Fish

A young gang leader named Ash Lynx seeks to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious substance which makes people go mad.

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