The Missing Element Of The Promised Neverland: Anime Review

After watching 3 episodes I’m kinda disappointed with the direction of the anime adaptation. One important element to why the manga was so great was because of its internal monologues. At its very core, The Promised Neverland is about the battle of wits between the children and their mother. How they try to outsmart each other to achieve their goals. And the inner monologue plays a big part in the manga, which the anime seems to be missing. Don’t get me wrong. The anime adaptation is okay. Although I wish they didn’t rush through the story, I think they’ve done a good job weaving four to five chapters into a single episode. My main concern is whenever you choose plot over character development, 9 out of 10 the show would turn out okay at best. It’s still entertaining as it is, but it could have been 10 times better if only they took their time building the characters and had a good mix of the right elements.

3 Reasons Why Boogiepop Is Confusing

Character Introductions

It’s hard to keep track with new characters when they keep changing clothes the next time you see them. Unless each character has distinct looks, for example, Echoes, it’s really hard to recognise them. Plus, throwing out names to introduce new characters only adds more confusion.

Character Development

We don’t really care enough for the characters. The show only jumps around from plot to plot without giving us a reason to care for them. This is a typical anime adaptation flaw where studios wanted to compress the entire story with their limited episodes and failing to build the characters as a result.

Non-linear story structure

It doesn’t really make sense to tell us that Boogiepop is leaving because she defeated the enemy on the first episode. This only spoils the suspense you’re building up for the succeeding episodes. Case and point, Nagi Kirima on the last scene of the first episode only ruins the surprise on the third episode.

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