The Rising Of The Shield Hero Episode 4

After defeating the Wave of Catastrophe, a┬ácelebration was held at the castle for the four heroes. Myne told Motoyasu that Raphtalia was a slave, which leads to Motoyasu challenging Naofumi into a duel for Raphtalia’s freedom. Naofumi refuses the challenge but the King demanded the duel to take place. Raphtalia tries to explain but she was immediately seized by the King’s guards. Even though Naofumi was 22 levels behind, he still manages to have an edge against the Spear Hero. As he was about to strike the final blow, wind magic from Myne trips Naofumi into losing the fight. While they were removing Raphtalia’s slave seal, Naofumi realises that everything was set up and his burning hatred for it unlocks the “Cursed Series”. Raphtalia slaps Motoyasu for assuming she needed saving and runs toward the defeated Naofumi to calm him down and defuse the “Cursed Series”. Itsuki and Ren call out Myne and the King for allowing such cheating. The following morning, Naofumi’s confidence was restored knowing Raphtalia would always be on his side.


The Rising Of The Shield Hero: Episode 3

Naofumi and Raphtalia have been gaining XP since the mining incident. In preparation for the Wave of Catastrophe, Naofumi has upgraded his legendary shield and acquired new skills and armour. As fast as Raphtalia levels up, she also grew quickly into a beautiful young woman.

One day, they went to the Cathedral to learn from the hourglass the remaining time before the upcoming wave. They met the three other heroes and started belittling Naofumi. When Raphtalia asked why they were rude to him, Naofumi refused to answer.

The following day, the four heroes were summoned near the Lute Village were the Wave of Catastrophe has spawned. The other three heroes only rush towards the main boss, while Naofumi and Raphtalia chose to help the villagers instead. The other three heroes took pride in killing the main boss while the villagers thank Naofumi for saving them.

The Rising of the Shield Hero: Episode 2

Naofumi bought the half racoon from the slave trader. He’s told that demi-human has issues of panic attacks and illness. But because he lacks the money and needed a weapon, he decided to take the cheap slave. Naofumi’s hatred for women shows as he acts condescendingly toward Raphtalia. Nevertheless, he provided her with a weapon and tested her skills out in the fields. Although Raphtalia is not really a swordsman, she still helps Naofumi gain XP a lot quicker.

After learning about Raphtalia’s past, Naofumi’s disdain dissipated over time. He treated her when she’s sick and comforted her in panic attacks.

One day, they entered a mining cave to collect some ores materials. Suddenly, a high-level monster jumps out from nowhere. Despite her fear, she mustered up her courage and helped Naofumi slay the beast.

The Rising of the Shield Hero: Episode 1

Naofumi was summoned to another world after finding a book about “Four Heroes”. He along three other boys were equipped with four Legendary Weapons: Sword, Bow, Spear and Shield. Their task is to become stronger by gaining XP to save the world from the impending wave of calamity. They must do the quest separately as each weapon hinders each others XP growth. When parties were assigned, nobody wants to join Naofumi for his weak and inexperience qualities. Myne, a member of the Spear Hero’s party, offers to join and train him on his quest instead. Little did he know, Myne was only going to rob and frame him for rape. Nobody believed his defence so he’s forced to live as an outcast. While on his own, he met a slave trader and was introduce to a slave market where he first saw Raphtalia.

Throwback Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka

The 22-year-old ex-gangster turned teacher, Eikichi Onizuka, hated the traditional education system. On his first job, he notices how bad mannered and condescending his other colleagues were towards the students. Because of this, he swore to become the greatest teacher who teaches life lessons instead of the typical academic learnings. His unorthodox, sometimes life-threatening and borderline illegal methods somehow succeed in winning the hearts of his delinquent students and help them change for the better.

In 1998, Great Teacher Onizuka won the Kodansha Manga Award for the shonen category. Several adaptations were made including a Japanese TV drama, live-action films and a 43 episode anime series.

Anime Review: Persona 5 – Dark Sun

Persona 5: Dark Sun is a year-end episode special which runs around 51 minutes long. The episode focuses on the battle between Shido and the gang of Phantom Thieves. The 2nd episode before the finale, Persona 5: Dark Sun still suffers from the same weak plot structure and awful animation the series has always known for. The battle against Shido was pretty good, although I wish they made the fight scene lasted a bit longer. Well, I actually wished the entire series had given a longer run time because the game story was quite extensive and covering everything into 26 episodes only felt compressed and rushed. Overall, it’s a poorly executed game to anime adaptation, which also shows to this latest episode.

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