5 Facts about Dororo

Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Dororo, is considered as the “Godfather of Manga” for his innovations and pioneering techniques. Many people believe he’s the Walt Disney of Japan. His other popular works were Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion and Black Jack.

The title of the show was inspired from Tezuka’s childhood memory of his friends mispronouncing dorobo, meaning thief, to dororo.

A live-action film in 2007 explained that the name Hyakkimaru was a southern term for “Little Monster”.

Blood Will Tell is a PlayStation 2 video game developed by Sega which is based on Dororo.

The eargasmic opening theme: Fire was performed by QUEEN BEE, the same Japanese rock band who performed the ending theme: Half from Tokyo Ghoul: Re.

Anime News: Episode 1

Mark your calendar as this is going to be an awesome week for anime fans. Today, Jan 07, have yourself a treat with the first episode of Psycho Mob 100 Season 2 and the debut episode of Dororo 2019. The compulsive gambler is back as Kakegurui SeasonĀ 2 is returning on Wednesday, Jan 09. On Thursday, go binge for twelve episodes over Revisions and the final instalment of Godzilla animation on Netflix. And of course, the most anticipated anime debut of 2019: The Promised Neverland is finally airing on Friday, Jan 11. And if that’s not enough, you could always end your week with a headache from the 3rd episode of Boogiepop and Others which is also airing on Friday.

Top 5 Upcoming Anime Debut of 2019

5: Isekai Quartet
A chibi-style crossover between Overload, Re-Zero, KonoSuba, The Saga of Tanya the Evil and Starting Life in Another World.

4: Dororo
A young boy hunts demons to retrieve his body parts that were once sold by his father for war domination.

3: The Rising of the Shield Hero
Considered as the weakest hero, Naofumi has to prove he’s worthy of the legendary Shield.

2: Vinland Saga
Thorfinn hones his skills to avenge the death of his father from the band leader who captured and raised him.

1: The Promised Neverland
After discovering their orphanage was a food farm for demons, Emma and Norman have to find a way to escape with the rest of their siblings before its too late.

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